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I’m glad that so many of you agree with me re: Tara on ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

For a second I thought I was going to have to get my soapbox back out like I did when people were hating on Winona on ‘Justified.’

Just because a bitch is fierce and doesn’t take shit from anyone is nota reason to hate her. It’s a reason to like her.

number one in my list of bitches i will defend to the death. nuff said

Me too. Right alongside Winona Hawkins from Justified.

I will be seriously upset if Winona isn’t in the next season of Justified. I thoroughly enjoy her, even if a lot of fans don’t. I think she’s one of the few females on TV that I admire. She’s feisty and intelligent and she doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap - not even Raylan’s. She makes her own choices and she stands by her convictions.

Even if she and Raylan aren’t together (and I don’t think they will be until he’s officially out of the field), I think the show benefits from having her around, even if it is in a limited capacity. She keeps Raylan grounded, she keeps him from completely falling into the insanity that envelopes Harlan county and its inhabitants. So come on writers, Natalie, let’s figure out a way to keep Winona part of the show.

Recap: ‘Justified’: Tying up some ‘Loose Ends’

I have a lot of feelings regarding FX’s ‘Justified.’ Granted, most of the time they’re about Walton Goggins’ hair or where I can buy the clothes the show’s wardrobe designers dress Winona in, but every once in awhile I let a serious thought pop in to this crazy head of mine.

But unlike the serious thoughts that plague me when I’m watching, say, ‘Breaking Bad’, the thoughts about ‘Justified’ are often more along the lines of, “I can’t believe I only just started watching this show last October.” Because this show has it all: humor, anger, people hitting other people in the face with frying pans – which sounds cartoonish and funny on paper, but was actually a pretty bad ass moment for a beloved character – and characters you love, even if you’re not supposed to.

Last night’s episode, titled “Loose Ends,” didn’t do much in the way of tying up any ends. And it shouldn’t; the episode is only the ninth of a 13-episode season. The finale won’t air until April 10. The loose ends which the title is referring to can be several different characters.

The most obvious loose end is Ellen May (Abby Miller), who after dumping the body of her friend and fellow whore, Crystal, into a slurry pond (which according to series creator Graham Yost is polluted with chemicals from coal mining), watches as Delroy, her pimp, shoots her other accomplice in order to tie up the loose ends their knowledge of the situation makes them. Ellen May flees and finds refuge in the arms of her future madam, Ava Crowder.

The other loose end, the one I think the title truly refers to, is Tanner Dodd (Brendan McCarthy), the man who attacked Raylan in the mobile clinic and who Raylan now believes is his best connection to Quarles. Upon finding out that Raylan has been sniffing around Dodd’s mother’s place looking for Dodd, Limehouse’s (Mykelti Williamson) lackey Errol (Demetrius Grosse) reports that Dodd is thinking about running. Limehouse asks Errol if Dodd has any unfinished business that could, pardon my ‘Sons of Anarchy’ jargon, blow back on them and Noble’s Hollow. He does, of course, have unfinished business with Limehouse, as he’d just agreed last week or so to spy on Quarles’ camp for Limehouse. He’s the only outside person with information linking Quarles to Limehouse, and he knows quite a bit of information should he end up handcuffed and interrogated by Raylan or some other form of law enforcement officer.

By episode’s end Dodd is dead though, having messed with the wrong arms dealer and thus ended up standing on a stool armed with a modified Bouncing Betty land mine. Errol, upon seeing Dodd accidentally arm the landmine, raises his gun to him, planning on taking out his loose end, but in the end chooses instead to take the money Dodd was looking for in the first place and give it to Dodd’s mother. After Errol leaves Dodd calls the police for help.

Hoping to get some information out of Dodd while he is trapped and unable to move for fear of blowing himself up, Raylan tries to get information about Quarles while an ATF agent works to diffuse the land mine. But Tanner’s been standing on that stool an awful long time and he’s nervous and is hands are sweaty. Having already been told that any minor weight change could detonate the land mine, Tanner is afraid to move, and thus his sweaty palms cause him to drop the gun and detonate the land mind. Raylan and the ATF agent escape just in time, but Limehouse’s loose end is now taken care of, and Raylan once again has no way of getting to Quarles.

Or so he thinks. Raylan, proving that he really is a great guy despite his penchant for killing people he deems deserving, went back to Dodd’s mother’s house to set up her new TV so she could watch her stories. While there he witnesses Errol dropping off the money as Dodd had requested. This tips Raylan off to a connection between Limehouse and Quarles, but when he confronts Limehouse, it’s clear the man is not ready to sever ties with the carpet-bagger and gives up nothing.

Meanwhile, back in Harlan, Boyd is released from prison with Raylan’s unwitting help, something Boyd seems to get a lot simply by pointing out where his and Raylan’s interests overlap (he’s the one who tips Raylan off about Dodd). He shows up to the sheriffs debate and gives a disrupting mirror performance of the speech Mags Bennett gave at the Black Pike meeting last season, and he ultimately wins Shelby the debate. This is not a surprise, however, as we have seen Boyd sermonizing like this before. Remember his religious arc in the first season? Boyd seems to be a born orator and he has the ability to use his rhetoric to sway public opinion – a talent which he could put to good use if he wasn’t selfish and a professional miscreant.

Meanwhile, Boyd’s better half is up to her own mischief, as she takes in the terrified-for-her-life Ellen May and gives her clean clothes and a place to sleep. After Johnny reminds Ava that Delroy pays them for protection, he tells her she has to turn Ellen May over to Delroy. Johnny basically accuses Ava of being a soft woman with a big heart. I think he’s forgetting that she shot his cousin Bowman in the chest with a shotgun as he was eating dinner, and that she also took a frying pan to Dewey Crowe’s face earlier this season. Ava calls Delroy and tells him to come get Ellen May, but when he shows up she hauls out her trusty shotgun and shoots Delroy much the same way she shot her husband, right in the chest. This is Ava’s first on screen kill, and she doesn’t seem to regret this one either, just takes the $2,000 Delroy brought as payment for her returning Ellen May. Throwing out her “no whores” condition, Ava decides it’s time she quit cutting hair and got a real job… as a madam. Which seems to make Boyd proud and also slightly amused. Because that’s the kind of man he is: he’s proud of his girlfriend for killing someone and making money from it.

While this recap might make it seem like a lot of stuff happened in this episode, nothing climactic actually happened. This was yet another episode in which Yost and his writers move the pieces around the chessboard to set up for what I’m sure is going to be an explosive season finale come April 10. Right now Limehouse doesn’t seem to have much to do other than play Chekov’s gun with that knife of his and brag about his bar-b-que-ing skills. I hope this changes soon, because I don’t think this season will be able to top the last if it doesn’t. And because it will be a huge let down if we don’t get to see Limehouse make good on some of his threats.

And the same could probably be said for Boyd and Ava. With two villains this season it’s been a little hard to give the power couple of Harlan adequate screen time (ditto Winona, but that obviously was solved when she decided to leave Raylan for the second time). I’m assuming Yost and Company have planned it this way on purpose and have meticulously planned out the final episodes to somehow bring Boyd in to the action, if only because Walton Goggins has a screen presence that just begs to be heard, and because the previews for the third season showed Raylan and Boyd working together, something we haven’t really seen yet this season.

Thanks so much for your posts about Winona on Justified. I am completely unable to understand the constant attacks on her for merely reacting the way any normal, sane woman would react to the things that have happened in her world because of the man she loves. No matter what daliances either of them may have in the future, I am in agreement with you that unless one of them ends up dead (more likely him) they'll end up back together at some point. This baby connects them forever.

Thank you! I am glad that you agree. It’s refreshing to know that there actually are fans out there who don’t think Winona is a bitch, complete waste of space, acting ridiculously. So thanks again.

All the awards to you re: Winona opinion. Well said.

Thanks! I’m glad you agree.

deepertheroots replied to your post: Further discussions on the merits of Justified’s Winona Hawkins

I don’t blame Winona for leaving (& in fact have wished Tara did the same many times). Could she have done so in a better way? Probably. But not only did Raylan not leave his job 4 her, he couldn’t take 1 DAY off to look for a place to live w her!!!

I have also wished many times that Tara would have escaped Charming, leaving Jax to figure out his life and how to get out of the Club alive on his own, but I’ve also been very selfish when it comes to Tara and Jax because I so badly want them to be happy, and I don’t think them being apart from one another, no matter how short a period of time, would be beneficial to either of them.

I view them differently from Winona and Raylan in the sense that the latter two seem to have - I don’t want to call it brains, because Jax and Tara are both very intelligent characters - but, in some weird way I think Raylan and Winona exist in a more stable environment - if that makes any sense. I supported Winona leaving Raylan (even if it made me sad because I like them as a couple), because I understood her motivations. Regarding Sons of Anarchy, I was actually happy to see Tara stand by Jax at the end of this past season of SoA. It was a terrible decision in the sense that she has taken one step closer to becoming even more like Gemma, and she put her sons in danger by keeping them in Charming, but I think they can’t exist in separate cities without the other without harming themselves.

Now, that being said, SERIOUSLY, RAYLAN? At the time she wanted you to look at a house, you weren’t even really doing much. It would have taken an hour. Raylan took Winona for granted a lot, I think.