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To everyone who’s still worried about Hayley coming between Klaus and Caroline, Tonkin is firmly on Team Caroline. “Klaus and Hayley always had a chemistry, but it wasn’t romantic,” she assured us. Unfortunately, Morgan was whisked away from our table before he could answer any questions about the Klaroline ship (because really, what else is there to talk about?), but Plec did say that hope is not lost.

"When we continued to play [Klaus and Caroline’s] story in Season 4 and draw them closer… we really believed that was the path for those two characters to go down," she said. "Knowing a spin-off might happen, we didn’t want to make a bunch of false promises that we couldn’t deliver on. But we also didn’t want to say, ‘None of what you just saw matters.’" As they move forward with The Originals, "our challenge will be, how can we keep her in that world as a notion and an idea and then hopefully, eventually, as a person, in Candice Accola doing a spot?" Well, it won’t be easy. "That comes down to scheduling, logistics, etc.," Plec explained. But she’s keeping her fingers crossed, and so am I.

Review: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Runnin’ with the devil

It’s amazing what a three week hiatus can do to a girl. I’d momentarily buried all my Jeremy feelings in the box marked “Julie Plec is a Life Ruiner” for safe keeping. But tonight they came rushing back with the first new episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ since Elena burnt the Gilbert house (and supposedly Jeremy’s body*) to the ground.

And though the episode didn’t do much to advance the main plot – Silas and the cure (dibs on the new band name) – it did provide us with a window into the state of Elena’s psyche since she turned off all of her emotions at Damon’s behest. And I have to say, I think I kind of like this Elena. This take no prisoners version of Elena is, in short, the Elena we’ve always wanted her to be, albeit an extreme version.

If I had my way, Elena would be a balanced version of the whiny, compassionate Elena and the fierce, trying to kill her best friend Elena. And while I’m sure that’s where we’ll eventually end up, there’s quite a bit of road that needs to be traveled before we get there. Because if there’s one thing that’s for sure it’s that nothing will ever come easy to Elena Gilbert.

Right now we’ve got a humanity-free Elena with absolutely no emotions whatsoever, except perhaps arousal, and even that seemed a little suspect this week. It became clear that she no longer cares for the stern looks from Stefan, telling him that she remembered their sex – and that it was good – but that she didn’t really care about it, or him for that matter. And she seemed only mildly more interested – both in terms of conversation and as a sexual partner – in Damon, which is probably just about the craziest thing that’s ever happened in this town.

While this new Humanity-Free Elena seems infinitely more interesting and fun than Human Elena (and pre-Jeremy’s death Vampire Elena as well), it’s not all fun and games. This version of Elena is basically heartless, not caring about hurting her friends, especially Caroline (dropping her on her head? Way harsh, Elena). And if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that no one hurts our precious Caroline and gets away with it. But even that only matters so much. Elena’s not just hurting her friends, she’s hurting herself even if she doesn’t realize it.

The problem with turning off all of Elena’s emotions is obvious: to dull the pain of a broken heart (or in Elena’s case, a dozen broken hearts), shes sacrifices her emotions, effectively what made her human in the first place. Damon and Stefan have had years to adapt to this lifestyle and years to figure out how to balance whatever guilt and pain they may feel with brooding/journaling or whoring/drinking depending on the brother. But in Elena’s case, as usual, everything is happening all at once.

It’s easy to forget that in Mystic Falls time, it’s been only two years or so since Elena’s parents died. That means in the span of less than 24 months she lost two sets of parents, two guardians, a brother and a few friends (and yet Bonnie still lives somehow). That would be a lot to deal with for even the most well-adjusted of us, but Elena is not a normal human and she’s far from OK. By flipping the emotion switch she’s essentially gone from one end of the spectrum – feeling too much and too deeply – to the other – feeling absolutely nothing. And it’s not exactly hard to see why Elena might seem to prefer the latter right now.

With no emotions she has no conscience, with no conscience she has no pain, with no pain, she’s free. And after all that she’s been through over the course of the last four seasons, Elena deserves a break from the pain and heartbreak, no? Sure, she’s not exactly going about it the right way – chomping on cheerleaders is strictly verboten – but no one can really fault her for wanting to escape from the pain of her old life.

The reason this doesn’t work, however, is because New Elena is still inhabiting the world and life of Old Elena, and the two don’t mesh all that well. Elena wants to feed on humans and be free, but her friends – the slightly more well-adjusted vampires – want to protect her still. They force her to act as if her brother didn’t just die at the hands of Silas and Katherine. They want her to go to school and act as if she’s still the same teenage cheerleader that she was at the start of the series, but she’s not.

It would be easy to put all the blame on Elena or all the blame on Damon, Stefan and Caroline, but in this case, everyone’s guilty of something. Elena without her emotions is a ticking time bomb. It’s really only a matter of time before Elena implodes and takes her friends and the town with her. But by forcing Elena to pretend that her life hasn’t drastically changed, Damon, Stefan and Caroline aren’t being all that helpful. Which is why it’s a good thing that Damon’s putting a little distance between Elena and Mystic Falls. She needs time away from the horrors of her old life, away from the reminders of the people she’s lost and the life that she can no longer call her own. She needs time to adjust to this new life in a real and honest way – in short, she needs a vacation from her worries. It’s going to take more than just a trip to New York with a sexy Salvatore to put Elena on the mend, but it’s a start.

Some stray observations:
    • Good news! Matt is no longer homeless as Tyler signed over the deed for the Lockwood mansion to regular human Matt Donovan. Though I liked the idea of him being this show’s version of Derek Hale, it’s nice to not have to worry about him anymore. However, what’s this mean for the next Miss Mystic Falls? Is Matt in charge of all town events now? Did Tyler also provide his bank account information? Because working at the Grill will not even come close to what it must cost to heat that place.
    • The Internet is abuzz with the sound of hatred for the Klaus and Hayley sexy times. I truthfully don’t have much of an opinion on it, because I’ve A) never really cared that much about Klaus and Caroline (I maintain the horse drawing was creepy), and B) it’s about damn time Klaus got some action. He’s an extremely good looking ancient vampire. If he can’t get laid, then I don’t want to live in this world. Also, I adore Phoebe Tonkin and would probably ship her character with my lamp at this point, so. As an added bonus, I like the way they’re building Hayley up as a more important character considering she’s to be part of ‘The Originals’.
    • After weeks of Caroline leaving voicemails for Tyler, she finally received a letter from the lone wolf. He’s decided to take on the role of Katherine Pierce and declare that he can’t (AKA won’t) come back to Mystic Falls as long as Klaus is still alive. But what Caroline doesn’t know and what Tyler doesn’t know, is that Klaus will soon be departing for New Orleans on a one-way ticket. This is what I am telling myself to keep from going through Trevino withdrawal.
    • New idea! Maybe Mystic Falls should invest in a supernatural spa and retreat. I have a feeling the number of unexplained animal attacks would decrease if there was a place for the supernatural to relax and rest their feet for a bit.
    • This show needs more cat fights. Team Caroline, by the way.
    • “Maybe this is the better version of me.” – Elena
    • “You’re like Sherlock Holmes with brain damage.” – Rebekah

So what did you guys think? Do you like this new version of Elena? Are you as harsh an art critic as Hayley? Are you wondering where Bonnie was (LOL)? What are you going to get Matt as a housewarming gift?

*You can call it denial all you want, but I’ve watched soap operas, I know how this works. No one stayed around to make sure Jeremy’s body was burned in those flames. For all I know, Katherine’s off playing pin the tail on the dead Gilbert or something.

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The Originals are in desperate need of some anger management classes

“Heart of Darkness”: Playing hot and cold with ‘The Vampire Diaries’

“It wasn’t about you.” – Damon

Contrary to popular belief, the world does not revolve around Elena Gilbert. I know that she acts that way sometimes, and it’s probably only because most of the time everything actually is about her – she is the show’s protagonist, after all – but she’s not what makes the world go around.

And though it usually appears this way, she’s not what makes the Salvatore brothers’ worlds go around, either. She’s just a girl. A girl who’s been thrown to the wolves, vampires and generally all things from the nightmares of children. But she’s so often the cause of, and answer to, the problems plaguing Mystic Falls that we forget, and she forgets, that she’s just one person in a world full of them.

Damon so often prioritizes Elena and her safety because of his intense love for her that we forget the dude once had a life that didn’t even include her. We’ve seen him go to hell and back for this one teenage girl and we forget that sometimes he’s got other things going on in his life. Like Rose.

Last season’s episode ‘Rose’ is fondly remember by Delena shippers because it’s the episode Damon confesses his love to Elena in the most selfless -  but also somehow selfish – way possible. He brings back to her the vervain necklace she thought she’d lost, but before he hands it over he tells her, “I love you, Elena. And it’s because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you. And why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you, but my brother does.” And with that declaration he compels her to forget his broken confession.

But in order to understand that moment we have to back up a little bit further.

I never cared for Rose, nor do I pretend to care for her now even if she’s a Delena shipper. But Damon had a connection with the female vampire and he shared a moment with her at the end of her life. He took away her pain and suffering because he could and because he wanted to. This was one of the handful of times Damon’s chosen to spare someone misery, one of the few times he’s shown that he truly can feel things for people who aren’t Elena and Stefan. Sure, he saves the lives of the people of Mystic Falls every time he thwarts some apocalypse or whatever, but showing emotion is something he’s never been good at – or wanted to be good at – and that moment with Rose is not one to be overlooked.

And it’s why I think that in an episode where Elena basically attacked Damon with her lips in a motel hallway, it’s important to mention that Elena does not define Damon. Does she make him a better person? Yes, Rose was right about that. But sometimes there are going to be things that happen that Damon doesn’t share with Elena, and unless she’s willing to make that leap and be in a relationship with him, she doesn’t need – or even really have the right – to know.

I’ll admit that the noises that came out of my mouth when Elena finally sucked it up and gave into her feelings for the sexy older Salvatore were not human. I was cheering that kiss on with the rest of you – well, probably not the Stefan/Elena shippers. But I also understood that there’s still a lot of ground to be covered – a lot of meeting in the middle, if you will – before these two can be a happy couple. And that’s why I didn’t really flip out when they had a fight about their feelings towards episode’s end.

While I wanted to grab Elena’s head and shove it into the nearest wall when she told Damon she didn’t know if she had feelings for him (because, girl, clearly you do – you don’t just soberly attack people with your lips and then have a steamy makeout session against a motel wall if you don’t have feelings for them), I understand her reservations.

Elena was right when she told Damon that he sabotages things and lashes out at people whenever there’s a bump in the road. We’ve see it happen. We’ve seen him snap Jeremy’s neck when Katherine and Elena both denied him in the same evening. We saw the way he acted at the ball when Elena went behind his back and made the deal with Esther and Finn to bind the Originals. He went after Kol, breaking his neck and then jumping. off. the. freaking. balcony. It didn’t matter that we all cheered the return of Damon the Badass. He still lashed out. For a man who claims to not have emotions, he sure does lose control of them easily.

But what Damon said in that scene also held a lot of truth. He’s the one to make bold declarations of love. He’s the one to make decisions regarding their relationship. Elena never takes charge of her own life regarding Damon. She waits for him to do something and then reacts to whatever he’s done – usually finding herself on the disapproving side. Tonight when he told her, “This time I’m not gonna make is so easy for you. This time you’ll have to figure it out for yourself,” I cheered. I cheered Damon showing a little backbone, because it’s about time he called her out on how she’s always playing games with his head and just assuming he’ll always be there for her because he’s in love with her. Homegirl has got to figure this one out on her own, she has got to make a decision. And from the looks of it, she’s got to do it fairly soon.

There were some other very lovely moments between Damon and Elena in this episode, though. I particularly liked the part of the episode where they were lying in the bed (and not just because of Ian Somerhalder’s sculpted abdominal region) and Elena asked him why he never let people see the good in him. And his response is something that also fits in to what I was saying above. Damon said, “Because when people see good, they expect good. And I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations.”

I took this to mean two things. One, Damon is tired of dealing with the disapproving looks Elena throws his way when he does something she finds despicable. He’s tired of feeling like he’s not good enough for her. But two, I think he also meant that he’s done trying to change for her because he is who he is. He’s not going to change for her and she’s going to have to accept him for the man he is.

This was a huge episode for Damon and Elena’s relationship, but we’ve still got miles to go and there are only three episodes left this season. Julie Plec has said that there will be a resolution this season to the triangle (as much of a resolution that there can be), so I’m really looking forward to this final stretch of episodes.

Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, we can move on to discussing the rest of the episode (other things happened in this episode, WHAT?)

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The Vampire Diaries: Blood ties

The Salvatores may fight like dogs, but in the end they would die for each other. At least they know what family means. You destroyed ours.” – Rebekah

I often feel like a broken record when I discuss how the importance of family is the true meaning of the ‘Vampire Diaries,’ but as long as the writers keep shoving it down our throats, I guess I’ll keep talking about it. Because, hey, what else am I going to talk about? How much I will cry if Alaric dies? No, I’d rather pretend that isn’t even remotely a possibility and live in blissful ignorance. So instead, let’s talk some more about family!

Last week we left off with Damon showing Stefan the Wickery Bridge sign. You know, the one made out of white oak that no one apparently knew about despite the fact Sage and Rebekah were both at the Wickery Bridge thing last episode when Alaric forgot to bring it. Whatever. So the episode begins as Elena shows up to see Alaric at his loft, but Damon (the bromance is back, y’all!) shoos Elena away from Alaric’s Stake Whittling Academy. “Finally have our own stakes to kill an Original, I’m not gonna miss because you can’t whittle,” Stefan chastises Damon for his terrible technique. Boy, do I love these two.

So they whittle twelve stakes and then Alaric decides he’s had enough of this life of crime and wants to turn himself in to Sheriff Forbes. “I have a homicidal alter ego. Unlike some people in this room, I would like to take responsibility for the people I’ve killed,” he tells the brothers. Sounds like a burn to me. But in the end, Alaric decides he rather likes his freedom, even if he’s sometimes a psycho killer. So he agrees that it’s time to kill some Originals and hesitantly puts his Psychotic Killing Ring back on just in case he runs into some trouble while trying to off my second favorite vampire family.

Meanwhile in the woods, Elena tells Caroline about the Psychotic Killing Alaric and Caroline is not happy at finding out Alaric is the one responsible for killing her dad, even if it is his alter ego doing the killing and not her alcoholic vampire hunting history teacher. But after awhile Caroline understands that Alaric is a victim, just like she was, just like Bonnie’s mom (who we’re still apparently supposed to care about despite the fact she was on the show for five minutes and was completely boring the whole time), just like Tyler and the Salvatores. “Who would I be if I just turned my back on any of you?”  Elena asks. Well, for starters, Elena, most of those people you just named would probably be living a normal life right now if it weren’t for you. Sooooo….

But Caroline doesn’t see it that way. “Oh, Elena Gilbert,” she says,  “Savior of the cursed and the damned.” And then she pulls her into a hug. Funny how everyone in this town just lets Elena off the hook for being a harbinger of doom and gloom and everything. Because if I were Caroline, I’d probably start to put the pieces together and not think of Elena as a savior of the cursed and damned, but as the reason for all this cursing and damning in the first place. But whatever, I’m not from Mystic Falls, so what do I know?

As the Mystic Falls chapter of the Scooby Gang plots how to trap Rebekah (whom they’ve deemed to be the weakest link), Rebekah and Klaus are stalking their crazy-eyed, suicidal brother, Finn, and trying to convince him that breaking their Circle of Blood and Trust is a good idea. He doesn’t see it that way. Eventually they rumble in an alley and they bring him back to their Mikaelson Mansion where Sage is waiting for him.

Rebekah, meanwhile, is still angry at Damon for seducing her (take a number, sister) and decides to exact her revenge on him by bear-clawing him to the ceiling and bleeding him dry in the middle of the house. Seriously? She didn’t even put down a tarp or anything. That crap is going to stain.

So as Rebekah bleeds and tortures Damon, Klaus is in the next room trying to get Bonnie to break the blood-link spell that bound the Originals. She refuses to do the spell by claiming that she’s too weak to do it, but then Klaus shows her a video of Jeremy (!) playing with a puppy (!!!!!!) in Denver. Because Kol has been stalking my favorite Gilbert sibling and is ready to pounce on him any second. So Bonnie agrees to do the spell and proves once again that chanting in Latin is really, really easy.

After finding out that Rebekah has Damon shirtless and bleeding, Elena decides he’s the number one priority (I can’t argue with that logic) and that going after Finn – who’s at the Grille doing tequila shots for the first time ever with Sage – is not all that important. Stefan says otherwise and he decides to go after them himself. Damon hallucinates that Elena has come to save him from Barbie Klaus, but realizes it’s not real and is actually a cruel punishment for making Rebekah believe he liked her and for allowing Sage to mind-rape her.

After Matty slips some vervain into Sage and Finn’s next round of tequila shots, Stefan attempts to stake Finn, but is charged by Sage and goes down to the ground. Elena and Matt open another door at the back of the Grille and like the Olympic cross-bow champ she is, Elena hits Finn square in the chest with one of the Wickery Bridge stakes on her first try. He goes down and bursts into flames as Sage cries.

Thinking that Klaus and the rest of the Originals are dead, Elena and Co. are in for a major surprise when Bonnie finally calls to tell Elena that Klaus has Damon (which she already knew), whom she’d just left chained up because she was angry he’d turned her mom into a vampire and then she abandoned her again. Shocked to find out he was still alive since Finn was dead, Bonnie admits that she wussed out at seeing Jeremy with the puppy and did the spell reversal thus breaking the Originals’ bond. Stefan plays the almighty heroic brother and decides to go rescue Damon alone. He refuses to let Elena help and storms out. “I miss well adjusted Stefan,” Caroline pouts. And then Sage hurtles Stefan back through the door and slaps Caroline around a bit. Until she ultimately starts coughing blood all over the entry way rug and dies on the spot.


Realizing that Sage and her minion died less than hour after Finn, they deduce that killing an Original means killing every vampire ever turned by their bloodline. Oh, crap. Thank God, Damon and Stefan weren’t of that blood line because things would have become hella awkward just then. Not knowing which Original he’d been turned by, Stefan takes most of the Wickery Bridge stakes and goes to trade them for Damon. Damon, compelled by Klaus, admits that there  are 11 stakes left, not 8 like Stefan had said.

In the end, Damon and Stefan are set free and are tasked with returning the remaining two stakes (Stefan pulled one on Klaus in pure anger, thus taking the total in Klaus’ possession up to 9). After they leave, Rebekah tells Klaus that she can’t believe Finn is dead, to which Klaus basically shrugs and says, “Whatever.” Rebekah wishes she had a family like Stefan and Damon because despite their anger and hatred for one another, they’d still die to save the other. And she’s stuck with a brother who only wants to skip town and form his new hybrid family.

Speaking of hybrids, while discussing the new information they’d learned when Sage died, Caroline and Elena realize that at least one of their inner circle was indeed turned by Klaus; our beloved hybrid Tyler, who’s been MIA for months now. So even if they found out who turned Damon and Stefan, and therefore Caroline, and it wasn’t Klaus, they still couldn’t kill him because that would mean killing Tyler. And that simply cannot happen.

In a moment that surely sent Stelena shippers’ hearts aflutter, Stefan tells Elena that he still loves her and he knows that she never stopped loving him. But he also can’t deal with the fact that part of Elena feels something for his brother, too. And Elena doesn’t deny it when he asks her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t have those feelings. She stammers and shifts her eyes uncomfortably from side to side before telling him she doesn’t know how she feels.

In the ending scene, Damon goes to see Alaric to get the last remaining stake, only to realize that Pyschotic Killing Alaric has moved it from Alcoholic Vampire-Hunting History-Teaching Alaric’s super secret hiding spot behind the books on his bookshelf. Dun. Dun. Dun.

To quote Willow Rosenberg, I think this episode was mostly filler. I mean, sure, we learned some very important facts, but it felt a lot like the writers were moving pieces around the chessboard, setting us up for the end of the season. And I have no problem with that. Not every episode can be a straight up horror movie or dissolve into a giant sob fest. Sometimes these episodes are necessary to move the story along. But one thing is for sure, I like knowing that the Originals are safe for now. Because I enjoy the hell out of Klaus and Company. Their dysfunctional family drama adds another layer to the show and each character is decidedly different. I can’t imagine a show without them now and I have a hard time believing that I ever wanted Klaus dead.

The next new episode isn’t until April 19, but it looks like a hell of a lot more is going on than happened in this episode. But Jeremy and Tyler are back. And Elena is finally forced to confront her feelings for Damon. I cannot wait.

Some stray thoughts/observations:

  • “What is wrong with you? Do you really have no appreciation for me?”
  • “Nik, he’s my play thing, not yours!”
  • “Hear you had a run in with Buffy the Vampire.”
  • Damon: “She’s lonely, desperate.” / Caroline: “Clearly. She slept with you.”

Guys, it’s OK. Elijah and Kol just went to star in their own spinoff.

The Vampire Diaries: Mama Esther’s Cruel Intentions

It’s not a Mystic Falls event until an evil plan is hatched, botched, or Damon does something remarkably stupid.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know my thoughts on tonight’s episode; I live-tweeted the entire thing. Which meant I had to rewind the episode several times to see the Serious Looks Stefan was throwing around making me miss his Ripper Smirk of the first half of the season.

Which I suppose is as good a place to start as any.

We’ve nearly come full circle on the ‘Vampire Diaries’ game of “Who’s Going to be Evil and Stupid This Week?” Stefan’s evil facade is cracking and Damon’s back on the self-destructive train to Bad-Ideas-He’s-Going-to-Regret-Later. And I can’t honestly say that I’m mad about it.

Brooding Stefan’s Evil Emotions Obviously Loving Brooding Stefan hasn’t fully returned, but it’s clear to viewers, and Elena for that matter, that the only thing holding Stefan back now is Stefan. He’s the only thing standing in the way of his own happiness with Elena. His, “If I let myself care, all I feel is pain” line is basically the show’s version of Now and Then's memorable, “If you don't fall in love, you can't get hurt.” If you open yourself up to your emotions, if you let yourself feel something or get close to someone, there's the possibility probability you will get hurt, so sometimes it’s easiest (or so you think) to just choose to turn off those emotions, to be alone. But as Roberta kindly reminded us in that film, “It sure is lonely all by yourself.” I predict a Stefan/Elena kiss sometime before the end of the season.

The Return of the BAMF Damon is probably the character who’s had the most development over the course of the show. He came in, fangs bared, smirk firmly in place, emotionless and an asshole. And women everywhere swooned. But as he fell in love with Elena he became more like a cute little sedated pit bull. OK, that simile is probably not accurate; he didn’t go completely soft. He’s still an asshole. He still had those bad ass moments - like when he ripped the hearts out of werewolves. But when it came to Elena he became a little overprotective. And look, that girl needs all the protection she can get. She tends to do a lot of stupid stuff and has a ridiculous amount of supernatural creatures coming after her. But sometimes it seemed that Damon was letting his fear of losing her get in the way (which, OK, his fear is not really all that irrational most of the time). I’m not saying he wasn’t right to try to stop her stupid plans or to protect her, but this side of Damon, the heroic side, made me miss the good old days when he wouldn’t think twice about starting shit at a town event.

So when he told Elena he loved her and she said, “Maybe that’s the problem,” I can’t blame him for getting angry. Emotions seem to be this shows Ultimate Evil. Nothing good comes from having them. So Elena hurt Damon and in return Damon decides to wallow in his pain - as he is wont to do - and forget all about it with Rebekah, who’s also wallowing in some pain after being shut down by Matty (who she decided she rather liked abandoning her plan to kill him earlier in the evening).

I don’t care what characters you ultimately ship on this show, you cannot deny that Damon and Rebekah’s hookup at the end of the episode was hot. I honestly can’t believe the CW let it air on a show that’s at 8 PM. I think I rewatched it, like, four times. I like this Damon. I like the Damon who attacks the Mikaelson family version of himself, jumps off a building, stands up, dusts his jacket off, and walks away like a badass. In fact, I don’t just like that Damon; I love that Damon. I know he’s capable of love and human emotion, and I know that I know he hasn’t completely turned off his emotions. He’s still going to love Elena at the end of the day. He’s still going to protect her. He just won’t be such a lovesick puppy about it. I’m not saying I want the writers to completely disregard all of the progress his character has made over the course of two and a half seasons, but I also think it’s nice to see this side of Damon again. I just hope he is able to catch himself before he fully self-destructs.

Mama Original’s Master Plan I will sign any Internet petition, I’ll write 100 angry letters, I’ll figure out how best to convey outrage in 140 characters or less if it means the end of Mama Original’s plan to destroy her children. I love The Originals. I am still wondering why the CW hasn’t ordered a spinoff. I imagine it would be like The OC, but with a lot more death. Fancy parties, charity events, gorgeous clothing and a lot of awkwardly interrupted family dinners. I’d watch the hell out of that show. Or any show that these vampires are on. I’ll be really, really pissed if they kill them off( especially Elijah, he’s my homeboy).

Lonely Boy Klaus Of course our Master of All Evil is an artist. OF COURSE HE IS. He’s a tortured soul. He killed his family and drug their corpses around the world for centuries. He’s lonely. It only makes sense that he is An Artist. And come on, who doesn’t love receiving sketches of our likeness next to a drawing of a horse as a gift? I mean, let’s be honest here; all women love horses and/or ponies.

I just hope Caroline isn’t really falling for it. I mean, I believe, at least to a point, that Klaus has some weird thing for Caroline. Like I said, homeboy is lonely and Caroline Forbes is flawless. I can understand why he would want her. But I still like her relationship with Tyler, and Klaus has done nothing (except save her life, but to be fair, it was his fault she was in that situation in the first place, something you know Caroline hasn’t forgotten) to deserve her affections. Here’s hoping Tyler quickly returns from his trip to Tibet where he learned to meditate and overcome his sire bond once and for all. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before Caroline decides it might be fun to date a a shy, quiet sorceress by the name of Kara.

Stray thoughts:

  • Bonnie was absent. Thank God.
  • Jeremy was absent. Cue crying jag.
  • Alaric was in the hospital recovering from dying. Again. (Yes, I understand how stupid that sentence sounds.)
  • Matt has attracted the She Original. And I kind of hope that story continues.
  • Kol is the Damon of his family. And I love it.
  • Esther bound The Originals’ circle, y’all.
  • Finn has some insane backstory and I cannot wait to find out what it is. He was in on Esther’s plan, so I’m assuming Klaus had a really good reason to dagger him first.

What did you guys think?