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Had Boyd been given more opportunities, who knows what kind of man he would have been? Had Raylan had opportunities taken away, who knows what kind of man he would have become? I think they are two sides to the same coin. — Walton Goggins 

Remember that time they were going to kill off Boyd Crowder?

Ha. That was funny.

Recap: ‘Sons of Anarchy’: A lesson in blackmail

If FX was waiting for the opportune moment to begin airing ‘Justified’ teasers for the new season, it was tonight. Because when Kurt Sutter can get Walton Goggins to appear on his show with breasts and ass-less chaps, that’s basically $1 million in free press. FX marketing really dropped the ball tonight.

If none of that made sense to you, then stop reading, go watch tonight’s episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and then come right back.

Look, I’ve always known that Kurt Sutter was a mad genius. I’ve been watching this show long enough to trust the man and trust that he knows what he’s doing. But if you’d have asked me this morning if I thought he’d ever get Walton Goggins (whom he worked with on FX’s ‘The Shield’ and who currently stars in FX’s ‘Justified’) to play a transgendered prostitute on ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ and that I’d love it, I would have laughed you out of town. The fact that Goggins was so into playing the character perfectly made the entire silly bit of stunt casting hilarious. (Read about how the entire thing came about here.)

But let’s rewind for a minute:

The building that Jax and Nero want to use for Nero’s prostitution setup featuring the CaraCara girls is owned by, who else, Mayor Jacob Hale, Jr. (RIP David Hale, we miss you!). Hale is, unsurprisingly, unwilling to lease the location to the Club.

But Hale is also still one vote short for his Charming Heights development. So Jax and the boys set up an elaborate blackmail scheme involving the city council member and, you guessed it, Goggins’ Venus. The setup involved drugging the city councilman, and then arranging him in some compromising situations with Venus. But Hale’s greediness gets the best of him and he eventually relents, meeting Jax outside of his house with the lease and Jax tells him they’ll move forward with the blackmail plot.

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