What you said about bringing back Alaric is how I feel too! I really want them to do more of the ghost story lines. I think that would be another really cool supernatural aspect added to the show! Plus I do not want to see Alaric gone forever. However, I do know that Julie Plec said herself she's leaving it open to where Matt could come back even if it was only guest starring. Matt Davis doesn't even know his true future with the show, he pretty much admitted on twitter! HERE'S HOPING!

It’s basically the one supernatural aspect they haven’t really touched on a lot. it’s very mysterious. And I think it’s worth it to delve deeper (especially with Bonnie’s new found love of dark magic) if it means more Alaric. (In case you couldn’t tell, he’s my favorite character on the show).

And I did hear that Julie left his fate ambiguous so there was a possibility he could come back. Truthfully, I think it all rests on whether or not his new show, Cult, gets picked up. If it doesn’t (though I’m hearing midseason right now), I feel like he’ll be more important to the show, or at least more visible than just showing up once or twice. If it’s picked up, I still think he’ll be back, maybe for a guest spot or something, especially since it would be on the same network and contracts wouldn’t be as hard to work around.

But as much as I would love to see Matt Davis anchor his own show, I’m really, really selfish and just want him back on THIS show, the one that I love already, lol. 

  1. whataboutthecult said: I heard that the show got picked up =/ but I have a feeling he’ll be back for guest spots no matter what
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